Notbox is a new concept aimed at taking the traditional ‘one use’ cardboard box out of the global supply chain. Have you ever imagined how many cardboard boxes there are in the world? Probably not, but if you consider that the largest container vessel in the world can carry 15,000 ocean containers - and in each of those there could be as many as 400 cardboard boxes - that means that on one vessel alone there could be as many as six million cardboard boxes arriving into the UK every day! And that’s just on one vessel.

A large proportion of these cardboard boxes will not be recyclable for one reason or another, and will eventually find their way to landfill, adding to the country’s growing waste burden. Have a think about this. Every tonne of cardboard we can recycle saves:

  • 17 trees
  • 7,000 gallons of water - used in the production process
  • 4,100 kw/hours of electricity
  • 2yd3 of landfill

Re-usable and rotable products - from ocean containers to pallets to roller cages - are in use throughout the supply chain, so why not the humble cardboard box?

After 10 shipments of product, Notbox will have saved the CO2e equivalent of almost four industry standard BDCM1 cardboard boxes being manufactured, plus the disposal of nine. Notbox, however will go on, and on and on. It’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to the standard cardboard box, and its changing the way the world thinks of them . . .

In terms of carbon footprint, 1,200 ‘one trip’ cardboard boxes are the equivalent of only 80 multi-trip