Notbox is not only being used in the global supply chain as an alternative to standard cardboard shipping boxes, it has been adopted, adapted and turned on its head more than a few times to solve many problems, both commercial and domestic.

Notbox is also easy to transport after use, as it can be folded down flat when empty, to just 4cm deep, to be returned to source. We could wax lyrical all day about the hundreds of applications that Notbox is being used for, but consider some of these – and then Contact Us if you think the Notbox can solve one of your problems:

  • Inter-store transfers
  • Office storage
  • Warehouse picking totes
  • Use by self-storage companies
  • Archive and document management
  • Storage in cars and vans
  • Marketing hampers
  • Home shopping and party planning
  • Home storage
  • Moving house

Notboxes can be designed to meet each customer’s individual requirements. This includes branding, size, colour, double walling, corner protection and so on – in fact, any feature that we feel would add value for that customer!

Notbox has over 100 current applications.

Challenge us for another?